Lay Leaders

Officers and Board Chairs
Chair, Diaconate: Deacon David Morse
Chair, Board of Management: David Gibson
Chair, Board of Trustees: Jim Stanley
Chair of the Board of Christian Education: Jason Naug
Treasurer: Clyde Evans
Church Clerk: Jean Ferguson

Boards and Committees

Please see Diaconate page here

Board of Trustees

Chair                –  Jim Stanley
Vice-Chair       –  Vacant

2017 – Jim Stanley
2017 – Alan North
2017 – Jackie Eisner
2017 – Garnet Colwell
2017 – Bryan Darrell

Board Of Management

Chair               – David Gibson
Vice – Chair    – David Dexter
Secretary         – Vacant

Board Of Christian Education

Chair               Jason Naug
Vice-Chair     Vacant
Secretary       Vacant
Treasurer       Erick Lee

Finance Committee

Chair – Bill MacInnis
Vice-Chair – Vacant
Treasurer – Clyde Evans, C.A.

Investment Committee

Chair         – Ian McKee
Treasurer  – Clyde Evans, CA

Property Maintenance Committee

Chair            – Ken Margeson
Vice-Chair  – Vacant
Secretary    – Vacant

Music Committee

Chair               – Christine Fall-Moore
Vice-Chair       – Vacant
Secretary        – Leonard MacLean

Community Outreach Committee

Chair                           – Gwendolyn MacLean
Vice-Chair                  – Vacant
Secretary                    – Donna Darrell

Personnel Committee

Chair    – Sheila Stanley
Vice Chair – Naomi Nonnekes

Planned Giving Committee

Chair            – H. Larry Doane
Vice Chair   –  David Dexter
Secretary     – Garnet Colwell

Refugee Working Group

Chair  – Sandra Murphy
Secretary – Caitlin Smithers
Treasurers – David Bourque & Clyde Evans
Medical – Dr. Jenny Leverman

Flower Committee

Chair – Johanne McKee

Visitation Committee

Chair            – Joe O’Brien
Vice-Chair   – Vacant
Secretary     – Marsha Hurshman