FBC – Member of Canadian Association of Baptist Freedoms

First Baptist is a member of the Canadian Association of Baptist Freedoms (formerly known as the Atlantic Baptist Fellowship), an organization of Baptist Churches and individuals formed in 1971 to enhance cooperation around issues like local church autonomy, ecumenism, ordination of women and traditional Baptist freedom around the interpretation of scripture. You can learn more about the CABF from their website.

Everyone is welcome to come to the 2013 Fall Conference and Annual Meeting:

CabfLargeDevotional Speakers: Lic. John Dalton and Rev. Jeffrey White. Panel Discussion on Chaplaincies: Rev. Adele Crowell, Rev. Hught Kirkegaard, Rev. Renee Clark, Rev. Tim McFarland and LCol Rev. Barb Putnam. Registration is $40.00 per person, which includes the conference, Saturday noon meal and snack breaks, and which can be paid upon arrival. To register, or for further information, please contact Kim Sweet, 25 Ports Landing Avenue, PO Box 528, Port Williams, NS B0P 1T0; Email ksweet2@ns.sympatico.ca. To join the CABF as an individual member, contact Rev. David Ogilvie, P. O. Box 301 Port Williams. NS B0P 1T0; E-mail: abf@ns.sympatico.ca


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