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Associated Baptist Press
The Associated Baptist Press is an excellent source of news and opinions on Baptist life.
Ekklesia News
Ekklesia is a comprehensive site for religious news from around the world. It is based in London, England and offers a unique and progressive perspective. Check it out!
World Council of Churches News
The WCC is the broadest and most inclusive among the many organized expressions of the modern ecumenical movement, a movement whose goal is Christian unity. Find out the latest here.
Canadian Council of Churches News
The CCC is the largest ecumenical body in Canada, now representing 25 churches of Anglican, Eastern and Oriental Orthodox, Protestant and Roman Catholic traditions. It is one of the few ecumenical bodies in the world that includes such a range of Christian churches. The officers and staff of the Council are drawn from the whole diversity of traditions represented by the member churches.. Connect here.
First Baptist is a member of the Canadian Association for Baptist Freedoms (formerly known as the Atlantic Baptist Fellowship), an organization of Baptist Churches and individuals formed in 1971 and incorporated in 2012.
Alliance of Baptists News
The Alliance of Baptists is a movement of progressive Christians–individuals and congregations–seeking to respond to the continuing call of God in a rapidly changing world.   more...
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First Baptist Sign

FrontSign Our sign made quite an impact on social media after we posted this message in June 2012. We heard from many in the US, as well as folk from Australia and Brazil, all expressing appreciation and gratitude. A Los Angeles blogger even wrote an article entitled Isn’t it Interesting How Some People Get It. Here are some of the messages we received:Rainbow

It makes me proud to be a Haligonian.Queer community appreciates your support.We recently visited Halifax on a cruise. Amazing place. Thank you for your support of the GLBT community. We will be back! It means so much when churches see beyond the text and really understand.

As a straight woman with a number of gay relatives, it made my heart swell with love at the message of acceptance and love that your church embraces. If I lived in NS, I’d join your church!

I am gay and Jewish, but when I see a message like that, I feel I should go out of my way and say a big thank you. It’s nice to feel loved not hated.

As a Christian I find it very inspiring as it shows the true faith of your community. As a Lesbian I find it to be the most heart warming and uplifting thing I’ve seen in a very long time.