Harvest Supper


An annual event held in October to support a local charity.
More details coming soon.

Changes to the Harvest Supper Auction

We know we are starting early, but this is intentional as it gives people time to plan and prepare. This year we will have fewer auction items with a greater focus on “our gifts.” We know that people value homemade, they value local, and they value time with friends and family. Many of you have hidden talents or skills that bring you comfort, joy, and relaxation. Would you consider sharing these with others? Among us, we know we have artists, photographers, knitters, wood workers, and fabulous bakers and cooks. We also know we have gardeners, painters, musicians, and people who like to entertain. We have boat owners, kayakers, handypersons, and people who just like to enjoy the outdoors. So we ask you to think about your gifts in the broadest terms and ask yourself, what do I enjoy that I know others would as well?

If possible, we would love to have all our donations confirmed by the end of June. It also makes preparing for the auction easier (no last minute items), and it means when September rolls around attention can then move to the Tea and Sale for those of you that will want to contribute to both.

Donation forms can be accessed here and from any of the Community Outreach Committee members.

Thank you so much! We look forward to hearing about your gifts, Dianne Kokesh, Donna Darrell, and Peggy Dunbar.