Missions Support

First Baptist Church Halifax ( FBCH)

2014 FBCH Mission Fund

Approved at Congregational Budget Meeting, January 26, 2014


At the Annual Meeting on February 26, 2012, we voted to establish a FBCH Mission Fund to manage contributions from members and friends to support mission work internationally, nationally, regionally and locally. These funds are outside of the Church Operating Budget process.  We decided that our contributions to missions work through the FBCH Mission Fund would be based on our desire to share the love of God with all peoples, as we are called to do, and that our choices would be clearly targeted, with the choice of recipients and use determined by our Congregation through our normal decision processes.  We established a target of $10,000 for the remainder of 2012 and ratified a list of nine suggested mission projects for funding in 2012.  We also decided that annually, in the fall of each year as part of the budget process, the congregation of FBCH will determine and approve what mission work shall be supported by the FBCH Mission Fund in the following year.

To put the FBCH Mission Fund in context, it is helpful to remember that we have three ways to contribute to Mission causes at FBCH:

  • Through the church Operational Budget, for items included in that budget;
  • Through “designated” or flow-through contributions which identify the recipient to which the contribution is to be forwarded; and
  • Through the FBCH Mission Fund, which will support the ministries and projects the Congregation votes on annually.

At the January 27, 2013 meeting the Congregation approved a list of 10 Mission Projects for 2013 and a target budget of $15,000. At the end of the 2013 calendar year reports are expected from the sponsors of each of these projects. Based on contributions year to date it is very likely that the 2013 Mission Fund will exceed the target of $15,000.  The Diaconate proposed at the December 8, 2013 Congregational meeting that these excess funds be allocated to the Halifax Hospital Chaplaincy and that course of action was approved by the Congregation.

In September 2013 the Diaconate established a 2014 Mission Fund Team led by Deacon Jim Stanley that includes Deacon David Morse, Deacon Naomi Nonnekes, Board of Management Chair David Gibson, Diaconate Chair Lee Nicholas-Pattillo and Rev. John Boyd. Meeting throughout October and November, the Team reviewed the progress of the 2013 Mission Fund Projects, assessed 2013 Fund contributions overall, and solicited proposals from the Congregation for potential 2014 Mission Fund Projects. As a result, the Team has compiled a list of potential projects for the 2014 Mission Fund.  These projects are summarized below and were considered and supported by the Congregation at its December 8, 2013 meeting:0

Global Projects

  • Canadian Baptist Ministries/The Sharing Way …………..$5,500

This is our mission link between 250,000 Baptists in over 1,000 congregations in Canada with people in over 200 countries around the world.  Serving local Churches in their mission efforts, its roots are the Canadian Baptist International Ministries and the Canadian Baptist Federation.  The Sharing Way is its relief and development department, responding to world needs on behalf of Canadian Baptists. Funds will be designated equally between Canadian Baptist Ministries and The Sharing Way.

  • Alliance of Baptists……………………………………………………. $1,500

The Alliance of Baptists is a movement of progressive Christians seeking to respond to the continuing call of God in a rapidly changing world.  Believing in the same Baptist freedoms and congregational church government that are important to our congregation, they have become one of our denominational partners.  Representatives from our congregation have attended their Annual Gathering and we continue to have a member on their Board.  Funds pay travel costs of the Board Member from our congregation.

National Projects

  • Canadian Association for Baptist Freedoms (CABF)…….$2,000

Formerly known as the Atlantic Baptist Fellowship (ABF), our church has belonged to this group of Atlantic Baptists since its inception in 1971.  It was formed by member churches and individuals who wanted to witness to historical Baptist

principles of freedom and to continue involvement with non-Baptist communions in joint worship, social action and ecumenical discussion of the nature of the Church. With our withdrawal from the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches, the CABF has become more important to us as our denominational “home”, including fellowship and ministerial accreditation.  The CABF has individual members from across Canada and is open to Baptist Churches throughout the country. Rev. John Boyd and Lee Nicholas-Pattillo are Council members and Officers for CABF.

Regional Projects

  • Bayside Camp (Camp Sponsorships)……..$1,000 + $ 500 (Special Funding)

Bayside Camp is a non-profit, year-round Christian camp and retreat centre near Sambro Head on Ketch Harbour Road (Hwy 349).  It is owned and supported by churches in the Halifax Region United Baptist Association (HRUBA), to which we belong, and its Board of Directors is appointed by the HRUBA.  Our support will help Bayside Camp by supplementing income from registrations and camp rentals  with camper sponsorships so no-one is turned away due to lack of ability to pay camp registration fees. Bob Hazelton from FBCH is a Board of Directors member for the Camp.

  • Acadia Divinity College (Charles J. Taylor Centre)………$1,000

Acadia Divinity College (ADC) is a part of Acadia University in Wolfville and is the maritime location of post graduate and continuing theological training for Baptist clergy and laypersons.  First Baptist Church Halifax was instrumental in the establishment of Acadia University and has been a strong supporter of the Divinity College for many years.  We wish to continue our strong link with this centre of denominational education.  Our support is directed to The Charles J. Taylor Centre for Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care at ADC. Jim Stanley is on the ADC Board of Trustees.

Local Projects

  • Halifax Hospital Chaplaincy………………………………………$2,500

The Hospital Chaplaincy is a ministry of the Halifax Region United Baptist Association (HRUBA) of which our church is a  member.  This is a full time ministry undertaken by the Rev. Adele Crowell and serves the three Halifax hospital sites. In addition to funding from the HRUBA, this ministry is dependent on funding from local churches.  The Chaplain works with the local Baptist churches as well as providing spiritual support to patients who register as Baptist and their families. David Gibson represents FBCH on the Hospital Chaplaincy Board.

  • The Youth Project………………………………………………………$1,000

The Youth Project is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing support and services to youth, 25 and under, around issues of sexual orientation and gender identity. Our church previously supported this project.  Although located in HRM, Project teams travel around the province to meet with youth in other communities, providing a variety of programs and services including support groups, referrals, supportive counselling, a resource library, educational workshops, social activities, and a food bank. The Youth Project is a youth directed organization. Youth have decision making control over the direction and action of the Project. The Youth Board ensures that programs and services are relevant and needed by the youth who access the Project. The Youth Project is committed to providing leadership opportunities to lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender and ally youth.

  • Family SOS ………………………………………………………………$1,000

Operating in the North End and Spryfield, Family SOS provides programmes on three levels to assist parents, youth and children to achieve positive family lives;

  • Parenting Programs are designed for parents/caregivers seeking support to support and guide them towards positive parenting regardless of their own circumstance.
  • Youth Programs provide peer-oriented opportunities for youth to develop life skills, physical health and community involvement.
  • Children’s Programs provide opportunities for growth and development in a fun and interactive setting enhancing social and literacy skills, encouraging physical activity and teaching.
  • Amanda’s Gift – the NS Council for the Family……………$1,000

Amanda’s Gift is a bursary program of the Nova Scotia Council for the Family. It was established to provide financial assistance to youth formerly in the care and custody of the Province of Nova Scotia, ages 16-28, who wish to pursue education/career development opportunities. Donors to the Amanda’s Gift Bursary Program support the educational and career aspirations of young people who have faced tremendous adversity in their lives. 100% of all donations to Amanda’s Gift go directly to the recipients.

2014 Mission Fund Projects Total………..$16,500 + $500 Special Bayside Camp Funding