Prayer & Care

General Pastoral Care

General pastoral care can be arranged by contacting the Church Office (902-422-5203). Referrals are also made to other professionals and agencies as the need requires.

Visitation Committee

Volunteers from the congregation regularly visit and maintain contact with our members through phone calls and cards. The Committee is happy to take referrals or requests – just contact the Chair, Deacon Joe O’Brien, through the Church Office.

Diaconate Prayers

The Deacons of First Baptist Church maintain a regular ministry of prayer for people and needs that come to our attention. Deacons are contacted by telephone or email whenever a need is identified.

Circle of Prayer

Dr. Pauline Allsop coordinates a circle of prayer among members of our congregation. Prayer requests can be made through one of the Ministers or directly to Pauline. The exact request, in the wording of the petitioner, is conveyed to the members of the circle of prayer who immediately say a prayer for the need and continue to remember the person or need in their daily prayers. Each member of the Circle of Prayer covenants to maintain confidentiality.

Prayers of the People

Each Sunday, as part of our Worship Service, we include prayers for those who are ill, bereaved, confined at home or in institutions, or who are facing other difficulties. Prayers of the people are also to share in each others joys, we pray for new births, weddings, graduations and other milestones. Prayers are “of” the people, “for” the people, and “with” the people.

Your Requests

If you would like prayer for your situation or that of a friend or loved one, phone 902-422-5203 or click on one of the following links:Rev. Dr. Rusty Edwards,  Rev. Jenny DrewitzDr. Pauline Allsop or the Church Office.