In 2014 our Deacons looked ahead and recommended to our congregation that when Rev. John Boyd concluded his ministry with us in April 2015, we will take a “time out” and embark on a period of discernment to discover our goals for the future and think carefully about what we need in a new Senior Minister and leader.

This “time out” will be a formal process known as Intentional Transitional Ministry where we will call an Interim Minister who is trained in helping congregations through a period of change in leadership. Typically this interim time is about 18-24 months in duration, involves extensive consultation with the congregation to discover our goals, priorities, and the type of leadership we will require for the future ministry of FBCH. All of this is led by the membership itself with the coaching and guidance of the Interim Minister. At the end of this process, we will call a new Senior Minister.

The Congregation has approved the appointment of a Transition Leadership Team. Its members are Marilyn Peers, Anne-Marie Kruger-Naug, Hugh Kirkegaard, Joe O’Brien,  and David Dexter. They will drive and co-ordinate the many activities involved by all of us throughout the transition time. They will not do all the work. Rather they will call on many of us to lead in the various activities to ensure we accomplish the tasks required.

This section of our webpage will feature various documents and reports from the Transition Leadership Team that will keep you informed about the process and progress along the way. Please feel free to contact any member of the Team if you have questions or comments.

Please click here for our latest update on our Transition progress.