Search for Senior Minister Begins

The focus for our transition time together has now turned to the search process for discerning who will be our new Senior Minister.

At our October 30th Congregational Meeting, the Congregation considered and accepted the conclusions arising from the Transition Leadership Team’s consultations with us. Those conclusions will now inform the search process for our next ministry team leader. Based on recommendations from the Diaconate and feedback at the meeting, the Search Committee structure was approved on October 30th.

The Search Committee members comprise a diverse group that is broadly representative of our Congregation and bring a wide range of gifts and experience to the work ahead.

Your Search Committee members: Sheila Stanley, Chair; Donna Darrell, David Dexter, Emma Hazelton, Hugh Kirkegaard, Marilyn Peers, Kathy Schwartzentruber, and David Thomson.

Sheila will be providing regular updates to the Congregation at key junctures as the search process continues.

The Search Committee has already met several times. Early work  focused on the preparation of a detailed position description that has now been approved, with minor adjustments, by the Diaconate and was presented for consideration to the Congregation at its meeting on December 11th immediately following the worship service.

We continue to be blessed with the leadership of Rev. Lynn Uzans, our Transition Minister, who continues a very active ministry among us together with all members of our worship leadership team Rev. Jenny Csinos, Rev. Nelson Metcalfe and Lynette Walstrom.

Please remember all of our leaders in your prayers as we continue with them together, ever seeking the Spirit’s guidance in responding in faith to the work God is calling us to do.

Sheila Stanley, Chair
Senior Minister Search Committee