Board of Management Update

Board of Management Update

Board of Management Update

During the panel discussion held  at this year’s Annual General Meeting, the Congregation heard updates on work related to the development of staffing plans. Rhonda Schofield’s contract as Interim Minister of Faith Development will be completed on April 30, 2023. The interim period has provided time to begin considering the Congregation’s present and future staffing needs as we emerge from COVID.

On Sunday, May 28, the Congregation is encouraged to participate in a workshop meeting where ideas will be worked on around tables regarding potential long-term staffing needs and plans. The goal is to receive significant Congregational input to develop a staffing plan consistent with our vision for mission and ministry at FBCH and our future financial situation through property redevelopment. Ultimately, a plan would return to the Congregation for consideration and a vote before being implemented.

While we work together on a future staffing plan, the Board of Management met on March 21 to consider two staffing proposals for immediate implementation: 

  1. The proposal from the Diaconate developed in consultation with the Board of Christian Education and parents to search for a part-time (5 hours per week), Lead Godly Play Storyteller. The Lead Godly Play Storyteller will lead our Godly Play Team in developing and implementing our Sunday morning program for children and young adolescents.
  2. The extension of Paula Zanello Antunes’ employment contract for 9 months as Coordinator of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. The extension of Paula’s contract will support the Congregation in 2023 as we continue Congregational discussions about future staffing. 

Following discussion, the following two motions were carried:

MOTION: To adopt the recommendation to employ the Lead Godly Play Storyteller for one year (5 hours per week) with pay at $30 – $35 per hour. (Note this is a permanent position with standard one-year probationary period.)

MOTION: That Paula Zanello Antunes’ current employment contract be extended for 9 months April 1- December 31, 2023 with a pay adjustment of 6% commencing April 1, 2023.

Budget impact: It was noted at this years Congregational Budget Meeting that the approved 2023 budget includes $29,952 (plus benefits) for Associate Minister Substitutes and only a quarter of this will be spent with the ending of the contract for the Interim Minister of Faith Development on April 30, 2023. As discussed at the Budget Meeting, that line was included in the budget to support staffing needs in 2023. The combined proposals fall within this budgeted amount. 

These positions will direct report to the Senior Minister with oversight from the the Board of CE (Lead Godly Play Storyteller) and the Personnel Committee (Coordination of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion).

The Board of CE, Chair of Personnel Committee, and Senior Minister will constitute the Lead Godly Play Storyteller Search Committee. 

Please contact Board Chair Jim Stanley should you have any questions on the above or would like to discuss.  

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