CABF 50th Anniversary Reflections

CABF 50th Anniversary Reflections

On June 3-4, 2022, the Canadian Association for Baptist Freedoms (CABF) will gather to celebrate our 50th Anniversary (click here for more details). Leading up to this momentous event, each week members of the FBCH congregation provide reflections on the life of CABF.

5 reasons Why I belong to Canadian Association for Baptist Freedoms (CABF) by Lee Nicholas-Pattillo

  1. Freedom! 
  • I love the ‘OKness’ to be able to choose to speak about, offer ideas, discuss and present information on whatever issue is on my heart anytime! 
  • I know others accept me as ‘I am today’ and if on another day, I am different, CABF still accepts me! 
  • I know others understand if I am unable to attend meetings or events supported by CABF.
  1. Sense of belonging! CABF is like an extended family for me.  I know that if I need something, I can contact anyone, and they will offer assistance.  That’s what family does!

  2. Inclusiveness CABF embraces and involves everyone and anyone who chooses to participate with us!  CABF invites – without exception – others to get involved!

  3. Caring – folks in CABF are friendly, warm-hearted, devoted, gracious, congenial, pleasant ….. need I say more?

  4. Fun – anyone who knows me, knows my mantra ‘its gotta be fun!’ And for me, it always has to be fun! CABF makes it fun – or allows me to ‘…make it fun!’ 

Welcome everyone to CABF!

Lee Nicholas-Pattillo is a lay leader at FBCH, having served in various capacities including as Chair of our Diaconate. Lee is also a Past President of CABF and actively serves with CABF.

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