Community Outreach Update- Joan’s Table

Community Outreach Update- Joan’s Table

In the Spring of 2022 the Community Outreach Committee identified a meal donation program called “Joan’s Table” as a viable project for their group support. Since that time, we have worked in pairs delivering meals from time to time to the residents of Herring Cove Apartments.

Catherine Mayo Woodman and Maura Woodman founded Joan’s Table in September 2021 in honour of their mother and grandmother – Joan Mayo.

In partnership with Shelter Nova Scotia, Joan’s Table is a volunteer-based initiative that provides regular, healthy meals to the 12 residents at Herring Cove Apartments and the 19 residents at The Rebuilding apartment in Halifax. It is a rewarding experience to prepare a simple home cooked meal and deliver it to the apartment building with 24 hr staff receiving it with open arms.

The tenants who enjoy these meals have experienced homelessness and alcohol dependency; they receive onsite staff guidance in identifying goals and building social relationships. A home cooked meal is sincerely appreciated by these men who have faced challenges and are working to improve their lives. In the past year our group has delivered many meals and we see the opportunity to increase our Church’s outreach capacity by inviting other members of our congregation to participate.

To find out more about Joan’s Table, please visit the website for easy sign-up to provide a meal. We suggest you sign-up with a reference to First Baptist Church Halifax so Joan’s Table is able see our overall support.

For more information, please contact Gwendolyn MacLean or the church office.

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