COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Dear Friends of First Baptist 

This blog seeks to bring you up to date on our steps to “reopen” the Church to larger gatherings. Of course we never really closed – we adapted to the new challenge for the sake of the safety of our staff and our congregation.

As you will have heard, the restrictions on gathering have been expanded – for us that means as many as 50 in worship respecting social distancing guidelines. We are moving towards having all those precautions in place by September when we traditionally “regather” after the summer. You may see other churches “opening” before we do. 

Over the past 3 months it has become apparent that our online services have been a source of comfort and inspiration for many people.  It is clear that we must continue to offer this online worship experience. In order for us to do that AND at the same time allow worship in the sanctuary, we are undertaking an upgrade of our technology and resources. Working on the assumption of a provincial 50 person restriction, we are developing comprehensive plans around all aspects of the use of our facilities as well as worship that will allow us to safely resume limited in-person worship on September 6. Although our services may be different when we resume we will rejoice when we can once again physically gather as community.

 A second project will permit us to hold congregational meetings with people in the room as well as online. This will be a new undertaking for us as a congregation and we will provide more details about the conduct of meetings later on. In the same way, as we know more about the public health guidelines we will also be looking at other congregational activities from social events to books studies to committee meetings. 

In challenging times, imaginative and determined people respond. Over these months we have been and remain grateful for the leadership of Rusty and all our staff.  We want to thank them and you – the continued financial and spiritual support of the congregation has been inspiring. 

Yours in faith
Kathy Schwartzentruber and David Morse

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