COVID Update

COVID Update
The earth and everyone on it – the world and all who live in it – belong to the LORD. The LORD built it on the deep waters, laying its foundations in the ocean depths.
Psalm 24:1-2
On this Earth Day, we are reminded of both the wonder and fragility of this world and our lives within it. We are amazed at the beauty of spring and the marvel of scientific understanding that has led to vaccines. Still, we understand how important it is to protect life, the life of the planet and the lives of our neighbours.

As you know, the recent spike in COVID-19 cases has led to new restrictions that call us, once again, to care for one another by limiting our in-person social contact. Following this afternoon’s news conference and announcements, our Board of Management Chair (Jim Stanley), Vice Chair (Dianne Kokesh), and Diaconate Chair (Kathy Schwartzentruber) met with Rusty to discuss the implications for FBCH.

Beginning immediately and for the next four weeks, or as long as restrictions are in place:

  • Worship services will be on-line only (gathering limit of 5 prevents any in-person gathering).
  • The Church building and office are closed except for church staff. If you need to access the building, please contact Dianne Kokesh.
  • To contact church staff, please use email (click here to find staff email addresses). For pastoral care needs, contact clergy on their cell phones. Please do not call the church office phone and leave a message.
  • All scheduled meetings will need to be online only or postponed until after the restrictions are lifted. If you are a committee/board chair and would like help scheduling a Zoom meeting, please email Jean.
The good news is we are still community for one another. We will worship, join for book discussions, pray together, and continue the business of the church. If you have not already accessed Breeze, our online church directory, please contact Jean. She can help you access the online directory so that you can take time to reach out to others in our church family.


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