Dedicating Theo

Dedicating Theo

“Theo” is a diminutive of the name Theodore, which means ‘divine gift’. This is a very fitting name for our third beautiful son. Human life is the best creation and gift from God. We are so grateful. Theo’s health and exuberant (sometimes mischievous) personality is a celebration of life at its finest and a daily reminder of the miracle of birth.

We look forward to the opportunity to have Theo dedicated this week. Over the past number of years, our First Baptist Church family has supported us and watched us grow from a family of two, to three, then four and five! It feels like only yesterday we were new parents standing before the congregation for Elliot’s dedication, and then August’s in turn.

As parents, we want to love each other and to fight for our marriage as our children grow older so Theo, and his big brothers, have a beautiful picture of how much God loves us and how much we are supposed to love each other. We also want to live honourably in our community so our children can see that we are created to do God’s work. 

Theo’s dedication is important to us because it gives us an opportunity to share our faith journey with the church. We know Theo will be welcomed, loved and supported by the congregation at First Baptist. That support and love from the church is another gift we feel so grateful for! Theo is a very confident, smart and social little boy who looks forward to meeting you on Sunday in his best shirt.

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