Faces of Easter

Faces of Easter

Faces of Easter
A Holy Week Reflection on the Life of Jesus

This Holy Week, you are invited by the FBCH Youth Group to walk a set of outdoor stations on the life of Jesus. The stations are located along the front sidewalk leading up the Sanctuary doors. You may simply let the art inspire you, or you may further reflect using resources provided here.

Audio Reflection (click to listen)
Our youth gathered on three Sundays to hear, read, and reflect on the story of the life of Jesus. As part of their work, they recorded their responses to a set of group wondering questions. Listen to our youth ponder this story.

Scripture Guide (click to read)
There are printed Scripture Guides available at the beginning of the Stations. You can also open the link to a digital version and read Scriptures from the Gospel of Luke that help tell the story of Jesus’ life.

Video Reflections (click below to watch)
Rhonda Schofield has provided a set of videos telling the stories related to each image.
Station One – Birth
Station Two – Temple
Station Three – Baptism
Station Four – Wilderness
Station Five – Awakening
Station Six – Feast
Station 7 – Death
Station 8 – Remember

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