In the sermon on Sunday, April 25 I pivoted to the point in the text (Acts 8) where the recently baptized Ethiopian eunuch went away “rejoicing.” The word gratitude derives from a root meaning to rejoice and to connect with God.

During this new season of lock down, I invite you to join me in the spiritual practice of gratitude. Even though there is much to concern us in these days, we are also sustained by gifts of life. Let us take time to name these and give thanks.

Specifically, I invite you to light a virtual candle of gratitude on the website To join the FBCH community in lighting candles, in the “dedication” box begin by writing FBCH. Then, after you light your candle, you can enter FBCH in the candle search box and find all the candles lit by other members of our church community. Click on candles and learn what others in our church community are grateful for.

Click here for a video I made showing you how to light a candle.

Click here for an information guide to group candle lighting on

Click here to go to the candle lighting page. 

I also encourage you to explore the website. Maybe you can even send an eCard to others in our church community (you can find public email addresses in our online Breeze directory, email Jean if you need help logging-on to the directory).

With gratitude for our wonderful church family!


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