Jan 7 Covid Update

Jan 7 Covid Update

On June 5, Premier Houston and Dr. Strang announced that current restrictions that impact how we gather as a faith community have been extended until January 31, 2022. They also encouraged all of us to do our part to limit gatherings to support the wellbeing of our larger community.

Further, employers were asked to have employees who can work from home to do so.

To that end, here are a few updates for FBCH

Worship will continue to be an online only gathering. Staff are preparing worship in a way that minimizes contact and allows services to continue even if one or more staff members are confined to isolation.

Other Gatherings
FBCH is not permitted to hold any other in person gatherings in January. If you need to arrange for a committee meeting, Jean is happy to assist with Zoom invitations. Please contact her for assistance. This also means the Congregational Budget Meeting on January 30 will take place exclusively via Zoom.

Virtual Office
The physical church office is closed, but Jean continues to monitor the phone by checking messages regularly during her normal work hours. Staff continue to be available by email and the congregation is encouraged to call or text clergy directly on their cell phones when they need to reach them.

Building Access
If you need to access the building and do not have a key and alarm code, please make arrangements through Jean. We anticipate significant work by outside contractors, specifically  a multi-week refurbishment of the organ, to begin later in January. For the safety of contractors, they will need exclusive access to the Sanctuary when working. There are also a couple of professional instrumental recordings taking place in the Sanctuary in January by outside renters, so it is important to clear access with Jean to ensure recordings are not interrupted.


One of the 5 Guiding Statements adopted by FBCH in 2019 focuses on the importance of forming community. Being able to gather in person for worship and shared life is essential to how we practice our faith. Like all of you, we look forward with hopeful anticipation to the time when we will be able to gather again in person.

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