March 27 Prelude

March 27 Prelude
A special treat is in store for Mar. 27th Prelude:  Sheila Davis and Gisela O’Brien will sing the 16th c. German Passion hymn, “Hilf Gott, das mirs gelinge”, followed by J.S. Bach’s organ improvisation on that hymn, played by Lynette on Organ.
The text for this hymn was written by Heinrich Müller c. 1537, when he was imprisoned by the Duke of Saxony: ” Help me God, to succeed, that to Thy glory may be my duty.  Be at my end and my beginning, that I may make my song perfect, of Jesus Christ’s Passion, sinners as witness in Thy Word”.
Bach’s 1723 congregation at St. Thomaskirche, Leipzig, would have known this hymn well and been delighted to hear it embedded within his Organ improvisation.
A second gem of the choral literature will be heard following the sermon: the Senior Choir will be singing the beloved anthem, “Lead Me, Lord”, by Samuel Wesley, with soloist Rosalie Dowling

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