PRC Vodcast 2

PRC Vodcast 2

Prior to COVID-19, the Property Redevelopment Committee (PRC) had arranged a series of group sessions for Church members to share their thoughts on property redevelopment. After holding two successful sessions, the balance needed to be cancelled. For those who had signed-up online, we provided the opportunity for them to complete an online survey.

The feedback from the group sessions and the online survey has been very helpful in identifying topics that congregants would like more information on regarding redevelopment. These topics are being addressed through this series of Vodcasts.

In Episode 2, Clyde Evans (Treasurer), David Dexter (Chair, Finance) and Jim Stanley (Chair, Trustees) join Dianne Kokesh in a conversation about how property redevelopment could be a significant part of the solution to our growing financial gap. The Vodcast lasts approximately twenty-five minutes. At the bottom of this blog, you can also find a list of specific questions addressed and the time marker you can go to in the video to hear that part of the conversation.

PRC Vodcast: Episode Two (click to watch)

The PRC hopes this process will continue to be guided by the congregation. Please take time to complete this simple form, offering your feedback and questions (click here for online feedback form).

You may also email PRC co-chairs with questions, concerns or ideas: David Dexter or Jim Stanley

Further Reading
In the Vodcast, David Dexter shared two documents, you can view those here:
Site Plan of Existing Property
Massing Study of Potential Redevelopment

During the 2020 Lenten Season, the PRC released a document updating the congregation on its work to date. Click here to read the document.

Questions Addressed in the Vodcast and Time Location
2:04 min –  What are the key financial trends and issues impacting First Baptist?

3:56 min –  What is the financial gap over the next 5-10 years?
5:56 min – Is redevelopment necessary if we were able to increase membership and donations?
8:35 min – What about the current economic situation given Covid-19 and impact on redevelopment?
11:43 min – What would a potential redevelopment look like?
14:13 min – What about other options?
15:24  min – Where do the financial numbers come from?
17:16 min – How does a development fit in with our Church’s finances today and in the future?
18:50 min – What other ways do we have to fill in the financial gap?

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