Proposed Renovation Briefing

Proposed Renovation Briefing

The next few years at FBCH will bring significant change to our facilities and property. The Property Redevelopment Committee has developed a proposal for a 5-Phase Renovation Plan that will help FBCH modernize our building infrastructure, transition from fossil fuels, and renovate parts of our facility that support our congregation’s ministry and mission.

There will be two briefings on the proposed renovations with the option to join by Zoom for the presentation portion of the briefing. Those who come in person can walk through the building following the presentation:

Tuesday, February 13 at 7:00pm (following Pancake Supper)
Members of the Board of Management and Diaconate

Thursday, February 15 from 5:00-7:00pm
Open to Everyone
Presentation is at 5:00pm. However, you are welcome to drop-in, view the plans, and ask questions any time between 5:00pm-7:00pm.

Phase One plans were discussed at the January 14, 2024, Congregational Meeting and were linked to the offer to lease approved by the Congregation. Work is already underway on part of the Phase One plan. This Phase entails the work needed to prepare for the Armbrae Academy tenancy later this year. Note that Armbrae is responsible for modifications to the interior spaces they will lease. FBCH work includes: 

  • Electrical upgrades that will serve both the tenant space and the congregation (i.e. giving FBCH the electrical capacity to transition to heat pumps and away from fossil fuels). 
  • New walls to divide congregational and tenant spaces

Phase One also includes modifications to the third floor to support our mission and ministry. Some of these modifications are temporary—creating program space that will eventually relocate to space underneath the Sanctuary that is proposed to be renovated in Phase 2. Temporary modifications include:

  • A temporary home for the Creche that incorporates a washroom
  • A temporary office suite for Jean, Paula, and Rusty
  • The temporary relocation of Godly Play to the Parlour (a Sunday morning only program)

Phase One modifications also include more permanent changes to the third floor:

  • A new Kitchen
  • Relocation of Director of Music’s office
  • New Choir Room
  • New accessible washroom in Narthex

If you cannot make one of the scheduled briefings, contact Ken Margeson for questions or to arrange a time to learn more about the proposed plan. Further Congregational discussion and votes related to Phases 2-5 will come to the Congregation in the coming months and will be linked to the availability of financial resources as the work of the Property Redevelopment Committee comes to fruition.

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