Refugee and Newcomers Update

Refugee and Newcomers Update

Last Wednesday our community celebrated a heart-warming reunion as Hassan Adan, loving father of 3 boys and husband to Khatro Hussein, arrived in Halifax after years of separation from his family.

This journey began in 2019 when Khatro, a remarkable woman, left her youngest son and other family members at the Hagadera Refugee Camp in Kenya and her husband in Uganda, and arrived in Halifax with her two eldest sons. During that same year, our FBCH Refugee Working Group, now the Refugee and Newcomers Committee (RNC), began the process to bring Khatro’s youngest son (Abdihafid) to Halifax and to sponsor Hassan.

Unfortunately, a backlog in the application process due to Covid-19 delayed Hassan’s application process. Happily in 2021, amidst pandemic uncertainties, lockdowns, and worries, the Hussein/Adan family finally rejoiced as young Abdihafid (a 3-year-old at the time) joined them in Halifax.

The RNC, with our congregation’s support, continues to work hard with the Anglican Diocese of NS and PEI, ISANS and other working groups, having submitted applications in 2023 to bring Khatro’s mother and her oldest brother to Canada.

And today we have wonderful news to share! On October 18th, 2023, Hassan arrived in Halifax, reuniting with his family at last!

Abdihafid was heard to say from the backseat of the car bringing home from the reunion at the airport. “All the kids in my class have a Dad now I have my Abba.” He also said “My Abba is here now next will come my grandmother.”

As members of FBCH, we’re honored to support the Hussein/Adan family as they build a better life in Canada. We look forward to the day when more members of our congregation can meet this incredible family. Please continue to support the work of the Refugee and Newcomers Committee, through your prayers and through donations to the Social Justice Fund, as it works to reunite other refugees and newcomers. Keep in mind the words of Jesus, “ I was a stranger and you took me in”.

Welcome home, Hassan Adan. Your presence fills our hearts with hope for a brighter world!

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