Serving at ARK Sunday Supper

Serving at ARK Sunday Supper

By Hudson, Age 11:

Serving at the Sunday supper felt good.  At the Sunday supper I saw a lot of people all the table where filled and everyone looked happy to see each other. Serving was easier than I thought it would be I grabbed 2 plates and 2 bags of pizza with 2 pieces of pizza in each bag and 2 sets of utensils we served 2 people at once as if they were sitting at the same table. Every time I went to a table I came back and grabbed more until it is time for desert. The Sunday supper is very organized there is 3 lines of people waiting two grab the food and bring it to tables. There are things called flaggers they stand by a table and they hold up there hand and if you see a flagger you can go over and serve the table, everyone must leave at 6 o’clock sharp if your still eating they will give you some extra time but you are kind of rushing the people still eating. I worked the juice station mostly after everyone was done and as I said it is very organized so I was handed a cup and dumped it into the big bucket and put it on the empty cup tray when the tray was full someone would come over and take it to the back where they would empty the cups into the dishwasher and then they brought back the big tray for them to be refilled. I remember that we ran out of trays and that was the time where tons of cups were coming in so we where running out of trays quickly. For desert we brought out a lot of delicious snacks such as Kit Kats, cupcakes,  and cinnamon bread ETC. I noticed some people there putting their snacks in a container and I was thinking of giving them double but I couldn’t. 

I felt good serving at the Sunday supper and I maybe plan on going again.


By Addison, Age 9:

When you serve at ARK Sunday Supper it really helps you grow as a person. Before we even start serving we have a circle time prayer. Then we volunteer for certain jobs, like sorting trash or cleaning the dishes. Me and my dad decided to just serve the food to the people. First, we grabbed two little bags of pizza, utensils, and two plates filled with casserole. The casseroles were made by people from First Baptist Church Halifax. Then, we went up to a table in our section and gave the people who were there some pizza and casserole. When dinner was done, it was time for dessert. There was lots of different kinds of things like cupcakes, marshmallows, and chocolates, but me and my dad ended up serving strawberry cereal bars. It didn’t sound too delicious to me, but a lot of people liked it. We ended up serving all the strawberry cereal bars on our tray—which FYI, is a lot of cereal bars.

When I was handing out some of the food, some people smiled at me. I think they really liked that I was there, especially me being young. From my experience being there, I felt like I was welcomed by the people. 

This made me feel like I understand more about how people might need stuff that we have and they do not and how life can be very difficult and how much love I feel afterward. Serving at the ARK Sunday Supper is like serving God. Feel free to come one Sunday and either drop off a casserole, serve the casserole and bring one, or just serve.


By Wesley, Age 7:

Serving at the Sunday Supper felt good.  I had to walk with my mom everywhere because kids have to stay with their parents.  I took the utensils wrapped in napkins and the pizza; and my mom carried the plates of food to serve to the guests.  For dessert I carried KitKats on a tray and everyone was happy to see me, I even got a 50 cent tip!! ☺

When everyone was leaving and my work was done, I ran around with my friend Addison and my brother Hudson.  It was fun!

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