Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are

With Earth Day fresh in the minds of many, FBCH children, youth, and their supporters had the opportunity to learn more about what it means to be good stewards of God’s good creation this past weekend.

On Saturday afternoon a group of 13 met at Hope for Wildlife in Seaforth to tour the facility and learn more about the important work that is carried out there.  The weather might have been a bit on the cool side but the animals and the good company kept us all feeling warm and fuzzy.

On our visit we met many animals and their caretakers.  Of highlight was Norbert the bearded dragon who was found roadside in Lawrencetown, Frankie the beautiful fox who is a permanent resident at Hope for Wildlife because of a head injury, lots of racoon babies, owls, rabbits, a tortoise from Africa who was found catching a flight into Canada at the Halifax International Airport, and (for the not so faint of heart) a ball python.

Malachi and Norbert the Bearded Dragon

Eliza and Addy with two Sugar Gliders

Quintina, Sheri, and Wendell with the Ball Python


Following the great afternoon at Hope for Wildlife, our Youth Group met on Sunday afternoon.  We hosted Dr. Sarah Fortune, Canadian Wildlife Federation Chair in Large Whale Conservation at Dal.  Sarah shared with us more about her work with bowhead whales in Iqaluit and the impact of climate change in The Arctic.

Following Sarah’s informative presentation, we made our way to the Northwest Arm for a time of prayer and reflection using the story of Jonah and Jonah’s Prayer from the belly of a whale.

Matheus Antunes

Paula Antunes and Matthew Shelton

Wesley, Hudson, Shelly, and Mike Currie

Addison Edwards

It was a great weekend of learning and exploring for our children and youth; I remain ever thankful for the wider FBCH community that supports our children and youth in so many ways.  If you would like to learn more about our programming for yourself, for friends, or for family please feel free to be in touch – we always look forward to welcoming new friends!

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