Chancel Chats

Chancel Chats with Rusty

Chancel Chats with Rusty is intended for older elementary and middle school children and youth. Each week, Rusty will explore the biblical story that is the focus of the Sunday sermon. Beginning in January, the chats will focus  on the life of Jesus and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Rusty wants these chats to support older children and youth who are transitioning to joining the community for the entirely of our worship services. Indeed, youth could even choose to watch the typically fifteen minute video during the sermon time (Rusty can help if you need the tech to do this). Each person following the chats needs to have a Spark Bible (not the Story Bible, but one intended for their age group). Email Rusty if you need a copy of the Spark Bible. He will be helping youth find stories and utilize the tools in the Bible to begin reading and interpreting our sacred text.