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Create Music

An ancient leader of the church once said, “the person who sings prays twice.” That speaks to the importance of music within the life of faith. Music uniquely connects us to matters of the spirit, enriching our worship and our prayer. Music also connects us to one another.

Singing in the choir was an important part of my religious upbringing and I’ve always enjoyed being able to actively contribute to Sunday worship. I also get to share the experience with my mother which is special. 

Bill Cruess

At FBCH, there is a place for you to participate in making music.

Our Senior Choir leads SATB music in worship on Sundays, rehearsing Thursday evenings at 7:00 in the beautiful acoustics of our Sanctuary. The Senior Choir sings major choral works by composers from Tallis and Palestrina, to Mozart and Fauré, as well as anthems from the 20th century and onwards by Female composers, African heritage, and Canadian composers.  The Choir also sings original compositions commissioned by the congregation.

Other opportunities to make music include Men Without Jackets, a TTBB choir that rehearses monthly on Thursday evenings, 6:30-7:30, overlapping with Senior Choir.

While our Director of Music, Lynette Wahlstrom, most often accompanies our hymn-singing and Senior Choir from the pipe organ (read more about our Casavant Opus #1994 organ), you will also hear her playing the Yamaha grand piano purchased by the congregation for our 190th anniversary in 2017. Other musicians in our community periodically offer their instrumental skills as part of our worship.

If you would like to join a choir, play an instrument, or learn more about making music at FBCH, contact Lynette.

I like Songsters because I like singing.


Music Event Rentals

For over a thousand years, churches have also been instrumental in supporting music within the larger community. FBCH is grateful to provide space at a reduced rental rate to a number of community groups who gather to rehearse and make music.

Our sanctuary also hosts a number of community concerts throughout the year.

Learn more about renting space at FBCH

Singing with others develops deep bonds among the singers harmonizing together.  I believe that God created music in all creation to give richness and harmonious depth to our relations with all of creation.

Naomi Nonnekes