Ark Sunday Supper

Ark Sunday Supper

First Baptist Church will be hosting the ARK Sunday Supper at St. Andrew’s Church on November 13. The menu is Chicken Casserole and volunteers are needed to prepare the casseroles. The casseroles should be brought HOT to the side door on Edward Street between 3:00 and 3:15. As before, we are asked to bring extra casseroles if we can because many Sundays they run out of food. If they have extra they freeze them or deliver to folks they know. The guests of the ARK Sunday Supper are really counting on this boost of food support each week.

NEW… You can also gather on Saturday, November 12, to help prepare casseroles at the church, request help with delivery of your casserole, or volunteer to help transport and deliver casseroles (they can be a challenge for some in our congregation to deliver). If you are interested, please sign-up here.

You can also email Gwendolyn if you are able to help. We are hoping to prepare 25 casseroles. These meals are an important way for our church community to provide a hot meal for people experiencing hardship and who would otherwise go without dinner in our city.

Chicken Casserole Recipe 

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