After the recent surge of coverage about the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement on the news and on social media, Megan Henderson and Alison Clarke decided to do their own research and dig deeper into the subject. They wanted to share what they have learned with our church family so have put together a 30-minute video containing information about the BLM movement and racism in Canada. It also features the musically gifted members of our Youth Group, who have shared their talent with us in hopes to raise funds for the Association of Black Social Workers, an organization located here in Halifax. They ask that if you enjoy the video that you donate to this deserving organization.

The fundraiser video premiered on the FBCH Facebook Page on Sunday, July 19 at 7 pm. If you were unable to watch it at this time, you can follow the link below and watch on YouTube.

Watch BLM Fundraiser Video

Thank you for watching, and for supporting us in the fight against racism.

Association of Black Social Workers
Please consider donating to the Association of Black Social Workers:

Resources used in the making of this video

Other resources (Ibram X Ted Talk) (list of resources on the government of canada website) owned businesses Halifax)

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