Faith Formation, October 18

Faith Formation, October 18

Introductory Video
Join Rhonda and Rusty as they introduce the Faith Formation opportunities for children and families. This video is intended for parents, grandparents, and all who nurture our children.

Introductory Video

Hymn of the Month (All Children & Families)
Each month, a hymn is selected that connects with the season of the church year that guides our Sunday worship service. The hope is that children and families can watch the video of our church musicians and learn the hymn. At the end of the month, the hymn will be incorporated in worship so that children will have an opportunity to fully participate in worship through a hymn they know. There will also be opportunities to record some of our children and families singing these hymns to include in Sunday worship.

Hymn of the Month Video

Crèche Story Bible Readings (Preschool)
Each week, children and families have the opportunity to watch a story being read from the Spark Story Bible (we have extra copies of the Spark Story Bible so your child can follow along at home–contact Rhonda if you need one). The stories chosen will typically be from the same text focused on in the week’s Sunday service. So, while Rusty might preach about Sarah and Abraham, your child can hear someone read the story in a way intended for them. Different congregational members will read each week, helping our children learn the faces and voices of the congregation.  A big thanks to Janet Margeson who has organized readers (and recorded the first three stories to get the project started). Each video ends with the hymn of the month.

Creche Program Offering Video


Godly Play (Elementary)
Godly Play has become a central part of our faith formation program for children. Unfortunately, we are not able to meet in-person at this time. However, the stories continue! Children and families are invited to watch the week’s story and think about the week’s wondering questions. The stories follow the sequence outlined by Godly Play, which connects to the larger rhythms of our readings in Sunday worship services. Each video ends with the hymn of the month. Some children could choose to watch this on their own device during worship, perhaps beginning during the sermon time. If  a child does not have a device (and headphones!) to watch it on, contact Rhonda and we will see how we can assist.

Godly Play Video

Chancel Chats With Rusty (Older Elementary & Middle School Youth)

A new formation opportunity is being offered, Chancel Chats with Rusty. This is intended for older elementary and middle school children and youth. Each week, Rusty will explore the biblical story that is the focus of his sermon, but in a way more accessible to older children and middle schoolers. In January, he will focus these chats on the life of Jesus and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. He wants these chats to support older children and youth who are transitioning to joining the community in worship in its entirety on a regular basis. Indeed, youth could even choose to watch the typically fifteen minute video during the sermon time (he can help if you need the tech to do this). Also, Rusty would like each young person following the chats to have a Spark Bible (not the Story Bible, but one intended for their age group). He will be helping youth find stories and utilize the tools in the Bible to begin reading and interpreting our sacred text.

Chancel Chat – October 18


Rusty also encouraged those following the Chancel Chats to start with September 13. Even if you skip other ones, the September 13 Chat introduces the Spark Bibles and our work together:
Chancel Chat – September 13
Chancel Chat – September 20
Chancel Chat -September 27
Chancel Chat – October 4
Chancel Chat – October 11

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