FBCH Book Group

FBCH Book Group

A sharp, accessible, and perceptive interpretation of one of the Bible’s most divisive books.
-Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Join the FBCH community as Clyde Evans leads us in a discussion of the book, Revelations, Visions, Prophecy, & Politics in the Book of Revelation. It is a well written, readable, 177 page book that looks at many aspects of the New Testament (NT) Book of Revelation.

After the four gospels and Acts, Revelation is the longest book in the NT and as the last of the 27 books serves as the capstone. Many of our great hymns are sourced from this book, and it is said that virtually every verse is based on references to the Old Testament. It was meant to be read aloud (see Rev 1:3) and was written as a book of comfort and hope. Certainly its use was not always to that end. Like it or reject it, this is an important book.

What does Revelation really say? Why is it so controversial and misunderstood? How did it even get into the New Testament? How and why has it been so widely used throughout history? Why does it still appeal to so many even now? These issues are at the heart of Pagel’s writing.

We will meet (almost certainly by Zoom) beginning just after Easter – specifically Wednesday April 12, April 19, April 26 and May 3.

The books have already arrived and are in the office at the church. They can be picked up either during office hours or at church on Sunday mornings.

Join Clyde and the FBCH Book Group to look at this book and see for ourselves what role Revelation plays in our understanding of our world both past and present.

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