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FBCH Book Group

“Baden provides a clear and thorough treatment of the rich history of the book of Exodus, taking readers beyond the familiar Exodus story to engage a diverse range of interpretations by individuals and communities.”
-Nyasha Junior, author of Reimagining Hagar: Blackness and Bible

From FBCH book group leader, Clyde Evans:
For our upcoming book, we intend to meet at 6:30 PM on four consecutive Wednesdays: October 20, 27 and November 3 and 10.

As of now, we expect that we will meet on Zoom as we have for the last two books. We are all very familiar with Zoom but agree that it is not ideal. Our original and preferred model for the group is to meet in person and have a shared supper followed by a group discussion. I certainly look forward to resuming our in person soup supper format when the time is right. While the rules for public gatherings may well be relaxed by mid October, the challenges of food handling and difficulty of distancing throughout the evening would need to be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

The book topic is returning to the Old Testament and will look at the story of Exodus and how it has been used both in the bible and through history up to the present day. The title of this 2019 book is: The Book of Exodus, A Biography. The author is Joel Baden who also authored the book that we read concerning King David.

In his introduction Joel Baden writes: “What this book aims to demonstrate is not only the centrality of the Exodus story in so much of Western culture but its remarkable flexibility. The story of oppression and liberation, of law and covenant, of disobedience both civil and religious, has left its mark in ways both well known and largely unrecognized. It should be apparent that few books, few stories, have had the kind of wide and lasting impact that we see in the book and story of Exodus”.

The role in history of the Exodus story will be looked at in the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Reformation, the English Revolution (1640’s), the Puritans, the American Revolution, the American Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, Liberation Theology and more. While this may seem daunting, none of us needs to be an historian to read this book or to get the full significance of the impact on our shared past. The book is well written, a relatively easy read and only about 200 pages in length. To set the stage, our discussions will include a significant introduction to the whole background of the Exodus story.

We have purchased and received enough books for all participants. It is a new hardcover book. We ask that you consider making a contribution of $20 toward the cost of the book.

You can pick up your book at the church office during office hours and also on Sunday mornings. Email the church office to have a copy ready for pick up.

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