Godly Play – June 19

Godly Play – June 19

Welcome to Godly Play online. Godly Play is a way of faith formation that invites self-discovery and nurtures the spiritual lives of children by inviting them to live imaginatively into the stories of our faith. Stories come directly from scripture and Christian tradition, providing children and families a foundation for faith both from the Bible and the living tradition of our church community.

June 19: Parable of the Leaven

June 19 YouTube Link

Each Godly Play online video invites your child and family into the Godly Play room to hear and watch a sacred story. Stories last anywhere from five to fifteen minutes. Some our filled with words, others rely mainly on objects and silence to unfold the story. While watching the videos will be enriching by itself, here are some tips for exploring the stories as a family:

  1. Designate a place to gather and watch. In our Godly Play classroom, we light a candle to remember Christ’s presence. At the end of each session, we change the light–notice that as you extinguish the flame the light changes to smoke and dissipates throughout your space. This too is a reminder that Christ is with us. As a family, you might choose to light a candle at the beginning of Godly Play and change the light at the end–noting as a family that Christ is present in your home.
  2. Spend time wondering together. The storyteller will often ask a few wondering questions, take time to think through these as a family. Encourage imaginative answers. The hope is that children are learning to think deeply about faith.
  3. In a typical Godly Play session, the story time is followed by response time. Children are invited to respond through art, journaling, lego-building, or other creative means. The response time is open as children are encouraged to use the time to think about the stories and the thoughts or feelings the stories elicits within them. One helpful prompt is to think of the response time as a time of prayer.
  4. At the centre of the Godly Play room, always behind the storyteller, is a simple creche (nativity scene). Underneath the figures is a felt cloth designating the colour of the current liturgical season. Along with a candle, your family could set out a creche in the space you will watch the Godly Play stories. Underneath, you could add the colours using felt, construction paper, or whatever supplies you have on hand. The colours of the church year are Blue, White, Green, Purple, and Red. You can also look for these colours when we worship (right now in our online services, you can see the large bookmark on the lectern change with the seasons).
  5. Godly Play sessions typically end with a feast–usually fruit, goldfish crackers, and juice or water. The feast reflects the central place of communion within the Christian tradition. After watching the story and taking time to respond, you might consider sharing a snack. In the Godly Play room we use this time to chat about life–fun events coming up in the week, birthdays, etc. Enjoy this time as a family.

If you have questions or would like more information about Godly Play, please contact Rhonda Schofield, Interim Minister of Faith Development.

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