Matching Magic

Matching Magic

Matching Magic – Furniture & Household Essentials

This is a new initiative by the Refugee and Newcomers Committee, called “Matching Magic – Furniture & Household Essentials,” and it’s designed to help those in need find the items they require, while also allowing those with items to donate to make a meaningful impact.


  • What is Matching Magic?

It is a user-friendly Google Spreadsheet that connects people who need furniture/household essentials with those who have items to donate.


  • What’s great about it:

– Community Connection: Matching Magic brings our congregation closer.

– Reduced Waste: Donate items you no longer need to someone who can benefit from them.

– Responsive: The spreadsheet updates in real-time, so you’ll always have access to the latest entries.

– Ease of Use: The step-by-step guide ensures that using it is straightforward for everyone.


  • How Does It Work?
  1. CLICK HERE to access the Spreadsheet – There is a step by step right on top of the spreadsheet!
  2. Enter Your Information: Fill in your contact information along with a description of the items.
  3. Find a Match: As the spreadsheet populates with entries, you might discover matches that align with your needs or donations.4. Connect and Exchange: Reach out using the provided contact information and coordinate the exchange.


Ready to Make a Difference? CLICK HERE to explore the Spreadsheet and thank you for being part of a community that cares!

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