On-line Harvest Auction, October 2022

On-line Harvest Auction, October 2022

On-line Harvest Auction, October 2022

Funds raised will support of the Bread of Life Ministries

We are doing it again and we need your help!

Are you artsy or crafty?  Do you like to knit, build, make or create (food, jams/preserves, furniture, art, clothing/accessories)? Or, do you like to entertain or share favourite experiences—host a luncheon, lead a walking/biking group, share a sail/boat ride with friends, plan an evening at the movies? Any and all of these, big or small, would make great auction items for our 3rd On-line Harvest Auction, being planned for late October, 2022.

We would like to profile our local strengths, talents, and skills—homemade, handcrafted, home-inspired…

So please, give it some thought. Pick up the phone or send an email to any of the auction working group members (noted below) and let us know what you are thinking.

Remember, your item, big or small, helps to bring us all together in this fun activity, in support of a very worthy community organization.

The sooner we secure our auction items, the easier the job becomes.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Peggy Dunbar:             Tel: 902 221 7639       peggydunbar@eastlink.ca

Dianne Kokesh:            Tel: 902 423 8256       d.kokesh@bellaliant.net

Donna Darrell:              Tel: 902 422 7884       moreend@eastlink.ca

Sheilagh McQuinn:       Tel: 902-225-2002      sheilmcq@gmail.com

Gwendolyn MacLean:   Tel: 902-425-6959     gfmaclean@gmail.com

For more information contact the office office@fbchalifax.ca

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