Sailing Together

Sailing Together


This Easter Season, we’re focusing on the community

we share together at FBCH.

Over the past few years we have given a lot of congregational attention to matters like staffing, governance, and property redevelopment–important aspects of our mission and ministry. We’re hopeful that the work we’ve done and continue to do will prepare FBCH well for its third century.

Of course, the people who call FBCH their faith home are the most important part of our present and future. This Easter, we’re encouraging folk who have not been as involved recently to reengage, for new people to consider membership (it’s an important part of our Baptist way of doing church), for those taking a first step in following the Way of Jesus to join us for baptism discussions, and for all of us to consider how we support the mission and ministry of FBCH financially — particularly, the Finance Committee is encouraging more of us to sign-up as monthly supporters through the pre-authorized offering program (if you’re interested in this option, click here for the form).


Watch us achieve our goal in Easter:


                               Updated: May 16, 2024

Why Sailing Together?

Following Jesus’ resurrection, his first followers came together and soon set sail (sometimes literally) to spread the good news of God’s boundary-defying love. Early in Church history, the ship became a symbol of the Church. On Sundays through Easter 2024, we’re going to Set Sail with Peter, learning from Peter what it means to be the Church (after following Peter through the Gospels we wanted to follow the rest of his story).

We invite you to be a part of our growing community. Join our crew!

Click the images below to learn all about the Sailing Together campaign:

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