Spring 2024 Book Study

Spring 2024 Book Study

Have you ever wondered who wrote the “Old Testament”? Or for that matter, the why, when, where, and how the bible came into being? These are the kinds of questions Richard Elliott Friedman considers in Who Wrote the Bible. In addition to providing a fascinating-and often surprising-perspective on these foundational questions, Friedman’s book offers a reader-friendly starting point for our discussion of the theological, historical, political, cultural and literary forces out of which this incredibly important book emerges.

Through our reading and discussion, we will begin to consider new perspectives on not only reading the Old Testament (the focus of Friedman’s book), but also the New Testament. As St Augustine writes from a Christian perspective, “The New (testament) is in the Old (testament) concealed, / the Old is in the New revealed.”

Our weekly discussion will begin at 6:30 pm each Wednesday evening starting April 10th, and will continue for the following three Wednesdays. Our meetings will be online using Zoom.

All are most welcome.

Books are available at the back of the sanctuary on Sunday or by contacting Jean in the office.

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