Summer Worship Schedule – When & Where

Summer Worship Schedule – When & Where

Each summer FBCH takes several weeks to worship with other congregations in Halifax. These weeks give us opportunity to build community with like-minded churches in Halifax. This year, we again join with St. John’s United Church and the Presbyterian Church of St. David.

July 28 – *St. John’s United Church

August 4 – FBCH (Rev. Rusty, Preaching)

August 11  – **Presbyterian Church of St. David

August 18 – *St. John’s United Church

August 25 – FBCH (Rev. Jenny, Preaching)

September 1 – **Presbyterian Church of St. David

*St. John’s United worships at the Maritime Conservatory, 6199 Chebucto Road

*The Presbyterian Church of St. David worships in their building at 1544 Grafton Street.

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