Summer Worship

Summer Worship

Summer Worship – 2022
July 3 – September 4
Christian Practices

Christian Practices are shared patterns of activity. In and through them, life together takes shape over time — in response to and in the light of God, as known in Jesus Christ. Woven together, these practices form a way of life.

This summer we will gather for worship in the Assembly Room (services will continue to also stream online). Our worship will be a bit more relaxed, so come dressed for enjoying the rest of your summer day. We’ll gather around tables, speak prayers, sing hymns, reflect on Christian practices, and share life with one another.

Coffee and homemade muffins will be ready by 10:00, so come early to spend time with the FBCH community.

Practices we will reflect on (reflections by Rusty unless otherwise noted):
July 3: Shaping Communities
July 10: Forgiveness
July 17: Singing our Lives
July 24: Honouring the Body
July 31: Testimony
Aug 7: Hospitality (reflection by Sandra Murphy)
Aug 14: Dying Well (reflection by Arla Johnson)
Aug 21: Healing (reflection by David Clarke)
Aug 28: Saying Yes and Saying No (reflection by Rhoda Lemphers)
Sep 4: Keeping Sabbath
We will continue to share communion on the first Sunday of each month.

If you would like to come early and help bake muffins, please email Rusty and he’ll connect you to the morning’s baking crew.

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