FBCH Online

In response to COVID-19 and the need to suspend in-person gatherings, FBCH is working to help us stay connected to God and to community.

Form Your Faith

FBCH Online

Evening Compline

For centuries, followers of Jesus have ended their day with a time of prayer called Compline. Join us via Zoom on weeknight (Monday-Friday) evenings at 8:30pm to end they day with prayer, reflection and music. If you would like to connect for Compline, email Rusty for the Zoom link/ID.

FBCH Online

Book Studies and Discussions

Animate: Faith Wednesday Evenings, 5:30pm Zoom

Nurture Your Family

FBCH Online

Godly Play (children through Grade 6)

Godly Play invites self-discovery and celebrates the spiritual lives of children through living into the stories of our faith. Online sessions include a story time, opportunity for children to offer their reflections, and prompts for art activities. Email Rhonda for information.

FBCH Online

Youth Group (youth grades 7-12)

Our youth regularly gather online for times to check-in with one another, discussions about faith and justice, and opportunity to pray and share life with one another. Email Rhonda for information.

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