Legacy Gifts

When I consider the future, it is my hope that the church that has been my spiritual home since before I was born and that has helped shape the person who I have become will continue to be there to positively influence and guide me as I continue on life’s journey.

Megan Henderson

Would you like to be part of supporting the future of FBCH for generations to come? Through legacy gifts, you can help ensure that the congregation of FBCH will be able to serve the Halifax community amidst changing times.

In the 1970s the congregation of FBCH recognized the need to establish an endowment to maintain our facilities. Since then, our endowment funds have expanded and have become an important support to the work of the congregation.

If you are interested in learning more about ways to make a legacy gift, you may contact our Senior Minister or Treasurer.

We love First Baptist Church Halifax, its people and everything for which it stands and we are pleased to support it financially and through volunteer effort while we are alive. When drafting our wills, we decided that we wanted to continue to support FBCH though an endowment from our estate. More recently, we decided that we wanted to make contributions to that endowment through planned gifts while we are still living to help secure the future of our church home.

Dave and Grace Gibson