Property Redevelopment

Property Redevelopment

FBCH has been an important part of Halifax since 1827. After 195 years of life, we continue to be a vibrant congregation on the Halifax Peninsula and plan to remain at our Oxford St. location for generations to come. To help us thrive long into the future, we are seeking to redevelop our properties as part of our long term plan for financial sustainability.

Our congregation began when a group from St. Paul’s Anglican Church broke away to form a congregation where the people were free to make their own choices. On September 30, 1827, we moved into a renovated building on Granville St. (where MEC sits today). We outgrew our first building, so in 1887 we moved to the corner of Spring Garden Rd. & Queen St. (where the Doyle sits today). In 1941, a fire destroyed our Spring Garden Rd. building; at that time the Congregation decided to move to our present location at 1300 Oxford St. We began worshipping in our present Sanctuary on Easter Sunday, 1951. In 1958, the attached Education Building was opened and served the Sunday and weekday programming needs of the Congregation.

However, the programming needs of the Congregation have changed since the post WWII era when our current buildings were constructed. In the last few years, the Congregation has been engaged in work to imagine our future of ministry and mission in Halifax. As part of that work, we are seeking development proposals for our parsonage and CE Wing lands. Coincident with a redevelopment of these lands, we are planning a renovation of our Sanctuary building so that it can serve the needs of our Congregation and the larger communities we serve.

If you have questions related to the Congregational redevelopment process, please contact our Property Redevelopment Committee leadership at:

If you have questions related to the call for development proposals or details related to the process for redevelopment, please contact Andrew Cranmer, Vice President of CBRE:

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